Passionate in your


Chiropractic Treatment in Nairne, near Mt Barker, Adelaide Hills!

In Need of Chiropractic Wellness Care?

I am here to assist in your chiropractic wellness journey. We can start with a no-obligation chat at the clinic.

Sports, Workplace and Vehicle Accident Injuries.

I can assess if chiropractic care can help. If not, I’ll refer you to an appropriate provider.

Muscle Pain? Can Chiropractic Help?

I don’t just focus on joint and spine care. I work with muscle complaints too. If you would like a chat, contact me.

Leg, Hip, Back and Arm Complaints.

It’s not only about the spine and neck, I have extensive experience in chiropractic extremity care.

Gentle Chiropractic Care in the Mount Barker Area, Adelaide Hills

I provide care for a wide range of physical issues, not just focused on the spine.

Patient outcomes are always my top priority. Accordingly, each treatment is tailored to the patient’s specific needs and preferences, based on their conditions and histories. As part of each consultation, I take time to give the patient the attention they require to appropriately treat their case; my treatment is not rushed. First and foremost, I am here for my patients therefore, If I do not believe I can effectively treat your condition, I will do my best to refer you to a suitable healthcare provider.

Why Chose Me as Your Chiropractor in the Mt Barker Area?

Modern Techniques

I am a multi-technique Chiropractor who uses Diversified (Manual Adjustment), gentle Mobilisation, Sacro Ocipital Technique (SOT) & blocks, Activator, Cranial Massage, Graston, Trigger Point and Soft Tissue Therapy.

Longer Consultations

I will not rush you! I take time to understand your physical issues and goals. I provide an individual prognosis and deliver you targeted treatment. If I believe that Chiropractic care can not assist, I will try my best to refer you to an appropriate healthcare provider.

Broad Experience

I have experience in seeing patients with wide-ranging conditions across all age groups. I do not specialise in one area of injury or complaint. I can also provide advice on posture and lifestyle.